Jacquie is a visual artist based in Bath. Previously a professional dancer, she has many years experience in both dance and acting performance in the UK and worldwide. During this part of her career she was a member of Mathew Bourne’s Adventures in Motion Pictures and performed in Nutcracker, Highland Fling and was in the original cast of Swan Lake and Cinderella.

“Pembrokeshire Walk”, acrylic on board, 15″ x 15″

Jacquie has completed an MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa School of Art and Design at Bath Spa University. She is currently concerned with the body in space and how to create documentation of this. Her work includes video, mixed media pieces and installation and painting. More recently her focus has become directed towards landscape painting with strong references to her Scottish roots.

Artist’s statement

My body is the primary locus for my experience of being human and of learning. It is my interface with the world. I am investigating making and viewing art that stimulates our interoceptive awareness and leads us to experience art in a more physical way.

“We can often observe in ourselves the curious fact that the visual stimulus is experienced not so much with our eyes as with a different sense in another part of our body” Vischer (1994[1873]:98)